Quality Procedures

TransportofPharmaand HVTTproducts requires great precision, quality and commitment, which is why NATANEX has joined to the group of certified and responsible carriers that provide transport services at the highest level.

The Quality Procedures of NATANEX

  • ResponsibleGDP & TAPA persons
  • Staff classification & validation
  • Assets classification & validation
  • Inspection over documentation
  • Definedpharma& HVTT
    transport procedures
  • Geofencing & Alarm Monitoring Centre
  • CHECK LISTS in use
    - Checkings before loading & leaving
    - Cyclic checkings during
       transport process
    - Checkings before unloading

The Assets / FTL

NATANEX choses the best solutions for carrying pharma & HVTT goods

The Assets / Vans

NATANEX chosesthe bestsolutionsfor carryingpharma& HVTT goods

The GDP Expert

Details for protection of transported valued pharma goods


Skontaktuj się z nami

NATANEX Logistics Poland, ul. Książkowa 51F, Warszawa, NIP:PL737219094. Nasi przedstawiciele pozostają do Państwa dyspozycji od poniedziałku do piątku w godzinach 9:00-18:00